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本人/ 機構願意捐助香港失明人佛教會:
I / We would like to make donation to Hong Kong Buddhist Society for the Blind:
作一次性捐款 One-off donation
港幣 HK$ *
倘以支票捐款,支票抬頭請填寫 「香港失明人佛教會有限公司」。
Payment by cheque should be made payable to “Hong Kong Buddhist Society for the Blind Limited”.

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衷心感謝您對香港失明人佛教會的慷慨支持 !
We appreciate your generous support to Hong Kong Buddhist Society for the Blind.
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1. 按 “ 工具 ”;
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1. Click "Tools";
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5. Check the box of "Override automatic  cookie handling";
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9. And then click "OK", finished.

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